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How To Apply

This form shall only be filled up and sent if you are not a SHARE | Pro member. SHARE | Pro members shall use the ticket option to book their place in our programs.

How to fill in the form

Be careful to fill in the form properly, with no mistake otherwise, we can not retrieve your application.

- Enter your Full Name as it is on your I.D. or Passport (No Nicknames).

- Your email is your SHARE identity, make sure to pick the correct one with a preference for the full name. We will use it for every step along the way with us.

- SHARE is not a drop-in studio class but a professional training platform for dancers. Only apply if you are confident of fulfilling our conditions, which include schedule and tuition.

Tuition Payment

Be aware that for every workshop(s) you applied the tuition payment will be requested at once.

You have 7 days to confirm your place in the workshop(s) you applied to, by paying your invoice received by email simultaneously with our confirmation email (check your spam box).


On the 8th day at 9 am Berlin time, your invoice will automatically start our week extension policy with a 5€ extra per extended week.

Application Requirements

  • All Applicants must be professional or pre-professional dancers, movers, or performers, with a minimum age of 16 years old advanced or professional. No amateurs will be accepted!

  • You must provide a maximum of 1-minute video link (Vimeo or Youtube) of your dancing either improvising or choreographed solo. 

    • no group piece.

    • No impro in nature far away.

    • No simple hand gestures.

    • No Instagram account videos link.

    • No Facebook account videos link.

We need to see your dancing, physicality, and artistic potential. We highly recommend a simple in-studio improvisation with turns, floor work, and jumps.

  • a full detailed resume or CV is to be uploaded (max 15Mb) or via a weblink (google drive, website, wetransfer).


Any application not fully completed will be automatically denied.


We can assist you with accommodation at our partner Eden Studios villas. Check our page dedicated to this topic in support of the main menu.

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