Feb 18th - 21st 2021


Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin

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Peeping Tom

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Day 1

Crystal Pite

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Day 2

Hofesh Shechter

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Day 3

Sharon Eyal

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Day 4

Hi Everyone,

I'm Kevin, The founder of SHARE's collective and SHARE The Dance Intensive.

The collective was created to give you the opportunity to gain from a unique and concise dance intensive traveling in Europe, and meeting you halfway two to three times a year.

At SHARE intensive we won't charge you any extras and have worked out to make these 4 days affordable, with a unique workshop duration of 4 hours, so we have proper time to work on material together.

SHARE Intensive does not cover travel, food, and accommodation and has limited numbers of 25 places, this is why we need to make a selection, and won't be able to accept everyone.


We love to have you with us wherever we come.


See you soon in Berlin.

Kevin Quinaou


16hrs of Workshops, 4 days / 4 hours a day



Create your program  later on our application form.

1x Repertoire Workshop / 110€

2x Repertoire Workshops / 220€

3x Repertoire Workshops / 330€


Optional 45mn Vinyasa Yoga class(es) card : 5€ each

Every Morning : 8 am - 8:45 am

Optional 45mn Yin Yoga class(es) card : 5€ each

Every Evening : 6:45 pm - 7:30 pm

Proposed at Payment After Acceptance Only!


Double the time of your workshop to 8 hours a day for 25€ only.

Proposed at Payment After Acceptance Only!

Faculty in Berlin


Thank you so much Kevin "SHARE intensive Paris 2019 was truly amazing!! 

I will recomande it !  thanks again"

"SHARE intensive is amazing I will recomande it !  thanks again"

 " I'm super grateful for everything I learned in each of the workshops! I'm super happy, the dancers are wonderful and I loved the repertoire. How beautiful that you organize this meeting!........ For this reason, this workshop makes me feel alive again.

Thank you,

Best regards, "

WHAT A TEAM!! SHARE Intensive rock!!!

" SHARE Paris gave me so much, thank you SHARE"

BRILLIANT !!! Thank you Thank you !!

" The dancers are incredible and the cause to fight against dance intensive businesses is genius" Looking forward to the next SHARE intensive"

Hi Kevin !


Thanks for an amazing 2 days of SHARE intensive, I’m gutted I didnt have the chance to do all 4 days !

" Thanks for an amazing four days, I had a great time! "

This is the best intensive I have ever done!! Thank you SHARE.

"I'm so thankful for this week. I loved the teachers styles, feeling of workshops and the organization too. Thank you so much this experience and I hope to meet and participate next time again"