How can I apply?
Simply fill out the application form found on each intensive or workshop page. You can not apply by email or via social media. All future participants, with no exception, must complete our application form by filling in their details and including:

1) A maximum 1 min video link (Youtube or Vimeo) regardless of previous attendance. (No downloadable file).

  • No group stage video performances.

  • No choreographic material learned from any of the choreographers represented at SHARE The Dance Intensive.​

2) A resume or CV.

Application is deemed to constitute acceptance by the applicant of the terms and conditions as well as the house rules of the venues. 

I'm under 16, can I still participate to SHARE The Dance Intensives programs?

No, SHARE The Dance Intensives allow dancers to participate from 16 years old and above, with no limit of age.​

Do you accept non-professional?
No, SHARE The Dance Intensive is dedicated to professional and pre-professional only.

I'm a student in choreography and I would like to come and observe a workshop, is it possible?

No, Share The Dance Intensive courses happen privately (behind closed doors). No observers are allowed.

Once I submit my application, when will I receive an answer?
You will receive a confirmation by email shortly after we receive your application.

When do I need to confirm my participation?
To confirm your participation, be sure to pay the tuition fee within 7 days. You can request an extension payment of 14 extra days, so 3 weeks in total. After that, your application is automatically deleted if no tuition payment was made.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes, when a workshop is full we automatically create a waiting list and inform successful applicants that they are on it.

How much are the program tuition fees?

SHARE Workshop is

195€ for a 3 days /18 hours of professional workshop.

SHARE Intensives | Full Programs are 

520€ for 7 days / 28 hours of professional workshop.

440€ for 5 days / 20 hours of professional workshop.

395€ for 4 days / 16 hours of professional workshop.

SHARE Intensive | A La Carte is 110€ for 1 workshop of 4 hours / 220€ for 2 workshops of 8 hours / 330€ for 3 workshops of 16 hours.

Is there an administration fee?
Yes. A non-refundable administration fee of 15EUR is included in every price.

What happens after I have been chosen?
You will receive an information sheet (PDF) giving you all details you need to join us.

Does the program provide accommodation?

How can I find accommodation in Berlin?

There are several websites and Facebook groups to help find accommodation.

Is there a possibility to work on the program in exchange for free workshops?

No, we do not offer jobs against free workshops.

Do I need to be fluent in English in order to participate?
All courses are delivered in English. We, therefore, advise a good understanding of English.

Can we access the studios before and after the course?
We are in partnership with studio providers, which hosts other dance classes, workshops, seminars, and therefore we always schedule a 20mn time before and after our workshops.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of my participation?
No. SHARE The Dance Intensive does not deliver a certificate of participation.

I heard about SHARE Workshop extension, what is it? How does it work?

For SHARE Intensive only, we offer the possibility to extend your workshop from 4 hours to 8 hours per day. You can request an extension during the intensive, if we have some availabilities, the extension is 25€ per workshop. 

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