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  • How can I participate in the SHARE course(s)?
    Simply click APPLY NOW and complete our application form. You can not apply by email or via social media.​ Your application is legally binding, therefore, you can not give your application to someone else.​ All future participants with no exception must complete our application form except for SHARE Pro Members.
  • Once I submit my application, when will I receive an answer?"
    You will receive a confirmation by email shortly after we received your application. It can take up to three days.
  • Do you accept non-professional dancers?
    SHARE The Dance Intensive is for professional and pre-professional dancers only.
  • I'm 14 years old, can I apply to SHARE's programs?"
    Not yet, SHARE The Dance Intensives is for dancers from 16 years old and above only.​
  • Do I need to speak English to participate?
    All our courses are delivered in English. We, therefore, advise a good understanding of the English language. But most of our guests speak many other languages.
  • How can I pay for the course(s) I was accepted to?
    By credit card or bank transfers. Both use the invoice we send you (check your spam box).
  • How do I confirm my participation?
    To confirm your participation, make sure to pay your tuition within 7 days as stipulated in our acceptance email and on your invoice. We invite you to create a reminder.
  • Is there a deadline to pay?
    You have 7-day to pay your tuition via the invoice sent with your acceptance email.
  • What happens if I do not pay on time?
    If you do not pay within the 7-day window given at the moment of your acceptance, your invoice is automatically canceled by our system. Just write us an email at if you missed your deadline, and we will issue a new invoice that will have to be paid within 24 hours.
  • Is there a possibility to work in exchange for free course(s)?
    Contrary to other platforms, we refused this option as we value our participants too much to do that. But you can always email us asking if we can help financially. And in most cases, we will. Remember that SHARE The Dance Intensive is entirely private and not subsidized by any sources whatsoever.
  • Can we access the studios before and after the course?
  • Is there a waiting list?
    Yes, when a course has reached its limit, we automatically create a waiting list and inform successful applicants that they are on it.
  • How can I find accommodation?
    In Berlin only, we can propose a guest room to our partner EDEN ***** Studios at Eden Villas. Otherwise, the Circus Hotel, Hostel, and Apartment is an excellent alternative and is located in a very nice and cultural area in Berlin. And it is direct access by Tram M1 to EDEN ***** Studios. And on top of that...we have a 5% discount, especially for SHARE.
  • Can I request a certificate of participation?
    Yes absolutely, you can make your request by email once the course is finished a
  • Is there a deadline to apply to SHARE's programs?
    Sometimes yes. In that case the deadline is specified on each course(s) webpage.
  • What is the eligibility to be SHARE Pro?
    You can find all this information on this page:
  • I'm a student in music and I would like to come and observe a workshop, is it possible?"
    Yes, SHARE The Dance Intensive welcomes under certain conditions observers. Send us an email at
  • When will I know my group assignment?
    Once accepted to take part in SHARE Intensive you will be assigned to our group A or B. We advise you to hold your entire day if you want to book your travel and accommodation early enough.
  • When will I know my group schedule?
    Your schedule is sent by email at the latest two weeks before the program. SHARE The Dance Intensive reserves the right to make changes if needed, so please reserve your entire day(s). Latecomers will be refused.
  • What is a workshop extension?
    A workshop extension is only available during SHARE Intensive course. it allows you to double the time of your workshop from 3 or 4 hours to 6 or 8 hours for an extra fee of 30€ for each extension. The possibility of extending your workshop depends upon the availability at the time of the intensive.​ Your request(s) can be made from the day you receive your schedule by email or during the intensive.
  • Where can I find my scheduled ?
    Simply refer to the schedule set on the workshop webpage. Do not forget to include extra time for your admission and personal warmup. Latecomers will be refused.
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