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Laia Duran Figols

La Veronal - Marcos Morau

I'm a dancer, creator, teacher, and movement assistant.

I studied Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, and I hold a Higher degree in Dance in the specialty of Choreography and Interpretation.
In 2023, I finished the Postgraduate Degree in Performing Arts and Education in the Performance and Pedagogical Projects specialty at the Institut del Teatre in Vic.​

Professionally, I worked with companies such as Ballet Junior de Genève (Switzerland), Marina Mascarell (Holland), Staatstheater Darmstadt (Germany), Ballet Mainz (Germany), Luzern Theater (Switzerland), Gross Dance Company (Holland), Satore Studio (United Kindom), Contrapunctus Danceport (Spain), and Sommer Ballet (Denmark), amongst others.
Since 2012 to present, I've been part of La Veronal from Marcos Morau touring nationally and internationally with the company and occasionally teaching workshops.

I also do collaborations as a dancer, actress, and movement assistant for theater directors Àlex Rigola, Carlota Subirós, Nao Albet and Oriol Pla.

In 2022, I received the best female dancer award at Premis Butaca for my performance in La Honte from HOTEL Col·lectiu Escènic and in 2019, I was nominated as the best female dancer at Premis de la Crítica for my performance in Taverne from HOTEL Col·lectiu Escènic.

In 2018, together with other colleagues from the same generation of the Institut del Teatre, we created HOTEL Col·lectiu Escènic.

HOTEL is born with the wish to build crossroads that will allow us to inhabit other creators’ worlds and imaginaries. The group invites artists from different performing disciplines to create and direct them.

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