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209 Avenue Jean Jaures. 75019 Paris. France

Paris 2023


Welcome & Congratulations

We are so delighted to have you with us and congratulation for making it through our selection and for joining us!!


SHARE Intensive is the unique place where the great opportunity to work each day on the repertoire and methods of the greatest choreographers of our time takes place.


Soon, you will be joining us and we ask you to acknowledge the information provided here on this page, making your arrival at SHARE The Dance Intensive smooth and easy for everyone. Moreover, you will be in a national public building. It is absolutely forbidden to navigate in any department inside the conservatoire other than the places indicated for your intensive.

Travel and Entry

If you are traveling to us from or outside the E.U, please refer to the E.U COVID-19 regulations for entry and directives directly from this website to see if at the time of the intensive any special requirements in regards to the pandemic apply.



All workshops start promptly on time according to your schedule which you will find here below. (Latecomers will not be accepted, a refund will not be possible). Please refer to your group admission time specified on the schedule.


Have with you and ready to be shown:

1 - your I.D/Passport

2 - Your ticket printed or on mobile phone (only full intensive)


All minors must download and fill in the forms from this page and return them to us before June 20th, 2023 by email ONLY at:

email object: < Participant's Name and Family Name> SHARE Intensive | Paris 2023 Minor Forms.​

Special Requirements

For La Veronal and Crystal Pite Workshop you are required to bring with you Knee-pads.

Venue/Studio rules

  • Do not enter the dance studio with your outdoor shoes.

  • Do not eat in the studio.

  • Take a metallic or plastic water bottle with you. No glass bottles.

  • It is forbidden to take photographs, sound, and video recordings during the intensive either from the studios for architectural rights or from the workshop itself.

  • It is forbidden to use any repertoire material that you will have worked on and learned for personal use such as solo, competition programs, choreographic purposes, studio solo footage, teaching the material, or any other kind of use going against the respect and rights of the choreographers’ works represented at SHARE The Dance Intensive. Non-compliance will be subject to civil claims.

COVID-19 Hygiene and Protection Rules

  • Please appear only if you feel healthy. If over the course of your stay or during the workshop you do not feel well, sneeze or cough, and develop fever, do not wait and inform us immediately from these first signs.

  • When entering the studio, hands must be washed.

  • Please wash your hands regularly with soap for at least 20 seconds and use our disinfectant dispensers.

  • Observe sneezing and coughing labels. Please cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm and avoid contact with your hands.

  • We might require you to wear a mask over the entire duration of the workshops. Bring a mask. (no cloth mask)

  • The windows will be open regularly to ventilate the space, so make sure to hold warm clothing with you in case that day is fresh.


If you have any questions please contact us only if necessary:

by email:

via the Live chat here on the left corner of your screen from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday Berlin time.

By What's App: +49(0)15227622917

See You Soon.

Minors Forms

Each minor participant (under 18 years old) must download and fill in the following forms with their legal representatives.

Please pay attention to the details and attachment of each form's documents that need to be attached with it such as passports scan, etc... 


Parental Consent Form

25 MB

Right Release Form

25 MB

Waiver of Liability  Form

25 MB

Where Is The Venue?

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RATP / Metro

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Le Louvre

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Either to visit or see a show, one of the must-see in Paris. Did you know that the opera is built above an artificial lake?

Paris Opera

A really sweet and well-located hostel in Paris canal ourq, really close by the Paris conservatoire.


SHARE | T-Shirt

This year again you can pre-order our famous black T-shirt in bio cotton size M until June 23rd, 2023 for 20€. It will be ready for pick up at your admission in Paris.

Flight / Hotels / Car

A Few Recommendations 

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