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Terms & Conditions 

Updated 14.11.2023

  • Any participant who attends any SHARE The Dance Intensive programs is responsible and insured to take it at its own risk.​ In the event that medical circumstances are known, which would constitute a risk for the participant, participation is expressly forbidden.


    SHARE The Dance Intensive reserves the right to exclude from the workshop, any participants who fail to abide by the house rules and/or who deliberately disturb the room or act disrespectfully toward any SHARE The Dance Intensive staff and guets, in any other manner. The fee will not be refunded.


    SHARE The Dance Intensive does not assume any liability for damage, injury, or loss. Insurance is not included in the price of any of our programs. SHARE The Dance Intensive's liability for any disadvantages resulting from damage, injury or loss is excluded.


    No accident, travel, or health insurance is covered by SHARE The Dance Intensive for the participants during our programs. You are responsible for your own accident, travel, and health insurance.


    SHARE The Dance Intensive does not assume any liability for the loss of objects of any kind whatsoever.

    Explanations, information, and details given by the staff or guets, only serve the direct purpose of performing the workshop or intensive in question and cannot be construed to support any liability claims.


    In the event of a disturbance or accident, the participants are obliged to take all reasonable measures in order to contribute toward the elimination of such damage or disturbance. SHARE The Dance Intensive's liability is limited to gross negligence and intent.

  • During our programs, SHARE The Dance Intensive takes photos and video recordings for communication material purposes. Such material is used without the disclosure of any personal data. By applying to our programs, the participant consents to this. The participant cannot claim access to the film and photo material recorded. 

    It Is absolutly forbiden to record any choreographic material learned during our programs. To use any repertoire material that you will have worked on and learned for personla use such as solo, competition programs, choreographic purposes, studio solo footage, teaching the material for commercial purposes, or any other kind of use going against the respect and rights of the choreographer's work represented at SHARE The Dance Intensive. Any participants recoding during our programs will see being excpelt of the program and receiving a civil claim for violation of choreograhic rights.

  • If you wish or need to cancel your application and do not want to opt for the refund option to secure your place in our programs, you can turn your application into a voucher according to our voucher request policies.

    Any request shall be made through our voucher form request. Be aware that a request can only be fulfilled once the form has been received and its date of reception will determine your eligibility.

    SHARE The Dance Intensive program's voucher policies.

    - Vouchers and complimentary fees are not refundable or partially refundable. e.i: I decided to turn my SHARE Intensive application into a voucher and buy 2 SHARE Workshops with it. A price difference needs to be paid to complement the total price of the 2 SHARE Workshops' regular price. The price difference you paid is also not refundable.

    - Vouchers(s) are still subject to our selection process and do not grant direct access to our programs, except SHARE Pro.

    - Vouchers can only be used for any of our 3 programs.

    - The voucher is legally binding to you and can only be used by yourself.

    - Discounted workshops can not be booked with a voucher.

    - Your voucher is only valid for 1 year, from the reception of your form request. Or 6 months if given for exceptional reasons.

    - If you do not use the totality of your voucher, you will benefit from a credit equal to the difference unused, to redeem it toward SHARE Intensive and SHARE Workshop.

    - Left credit on the voucher is not refundable.

    - You can change your rebooking once during its validity.

    - Rebooking(s) need to take place during the validity of your voucher, any request after it will be denied.

    - Once rebooking has been made and your voucher has expired, you can not change it anymore.

    - Changing or canceling a rebooked voucher once a program has begun is unfortunately not possible.

    Vouchers Request Policies.

    Vouchers time request policies for SHARE Workshop & SHARE Study / Valid 1 year.


    - Any request shall be made by form request until 21 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Workshop.


    Vouchers Time Request Policies for SHARE Intensive | A La Carte / Valid 1-year form request


    - A La Carte 1 x workshop x until 26 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

    - A La Carte 2 x workshops x until 22 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

    - A La Carte 3 x workshops x until 18 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

    - A La Carte 4 x workshops x until 14 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

    - A La Carte 5 x workshops x until 14 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

    - A La Carte 6 x workshops x until 14 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

    Vouchers Time Request Policies for SHARE Intensive / Full Program / Valid 1-year form request


    - SHARE Intensive Program 4 x Days: until 16 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

    - SHARE Intensive Program 5 x Days: until 15 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

    - SHARE Intensive Program 7 x Days: until 14 days before the 1st day of the SHARE Intensive.

  • Payment

    Following approval of your application, you will have seven days to pay the invoice that will be provided to you to confirm your participation in the program. If your invoice is not paid by the eighth day at 9:00 am Berlin time, our platform automatically cancels it and offers your spot to the next applicant who is received and placed on hold. Reopening your invoice or application will incur a 5€ fee.



    An installment is possible for payment in 2 x 50/50 by invoice and is still subject to our cancelation and refund policy.


    Cancelation by SHARE The Dance Intensive

    Before the date, SHARE maintains the right to cancel any of its programs. In such a case, the participant's fee must be repaid, less a 20€ administrative fee, to SHARE The Dancing Intensive. SHARE The Dance Intensive disclaims all liability for any expenses incurred for lodging, meals, transportation, or other expenses related to participation in our program(s). We suggest purchasing travel insurance so that you have choices for a refund in the event.


    If by reason or an act of God, beyond the control of SHARE The Dance Intensive, our program(s) set out is canceled, it is the obligation of SHARE The Dance Intensive to repay the participant its fee minus our 20€ administrative fee. SHARE The Dance Intensive does not take responsibility for any costs that have been incurred, such as travel, food, housing, or other costs involved in taking part in our programs(s). We advise booking your trip with insurance for refund options in this case.


    A substitute course, workshop, or training will be scheduled if a workshop during the program SHARE Intensive needs to be canceled; if not, SHARE The Dance Intensive is responsible for compensating the participant for the portion of that workshop that was not SHARE The Dance Intensive disclaims all liability for any expenses incurred, including those related to lodging, meals, transportation, or other fees associated with participating in our program(s). We suggest purchasing travel insurance so that you have choices for a refund in the event.



    Any unanswered email correspondence from the last 28 days regarding vouchers, cancellations, and refunds has been resolved. Any request made on this subject after 28 days will be rejected.



    In case, SHARE The Dance Intensive would be subject to governmental restrictions applicable at the time of the event, or any other measures need to be taken for the safety of our participants, forcing us to postpone, we will reschedule the event at a later date.

    Cancelation by the participant

    In the event that you must cancel, the standard cancellation policies outlined in the paragraph below will be applicable. Please be aware that no program of ours or guest rooms is eligible for partial refunds. You must fill out our form to request a refund and cancel your application. We won't accept requests sent through SMS, phone calls, Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms. Please note that a request cannot be processed until the form is received; the date of receipt will decide your refund, as shown in the table below.

    Refund Table Policies for SHARE Workshop / SHARE Intensive / SHARE Study / Guest Rooms


    If you canceled:

    - From payment to 90 days before the first day of the event = 100% refund - 20€ (administrative fee)

    - From 90 days to 60 days before the first day of the event = 50% refund

    - From 60 days to 30 days before the first day of the event = 35% refund

    - From 30 days to 14 days before the first day of the event = 20% refund

    - No refund is possible 14 days before the first day of the program


    All refunds are processed less any service(s) fees that were deducted at the time of booking and/or credit card payment. Should a refund be necessary, it will be processed and paid out in a span of two weeks.


    Regretfully, we are unable to alter or modify these conditions. You can send an email asking for an extraordinary circumstance at and provide support to your request with documents in PDF attachment such as a death certificate, doctor certificate, surgery procedure appointment certificate, etc... Your request will be examined and taken into consideration based on your situation, with a personal suggested solution.


    Online Store

    Purchases made on our online store are not refundable, except if the delay of arrival exceeds 3 months.

    SHARE | Training

    Every SHARE | Training booked online can be canceled until 24 hours before start. After that, the training is considered lost and no refund is possible.

  • SHARE The Dance Intensive can provide you with an invitation letter for visa purposes to take part in our programs, upon request after receiving our acceptance email

SHARE The Dance Intensive reserves the right to change, alter, and modify its Terms of Services

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