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Bénédicte Billiet

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

Bénédicte Billiet was born in 1954 in Lille (France). After finishing her Ballet studies at the Conservatoire National de Paris, she entered the Ballet de Lyon in 1972. Having worked there for three years, she returned to Paris in 1975 and followed the classes of Peter Goss, who later engaged her in his company. She then danced in the first company of Dominique Bagouet and with other French choreographers, until Pina Bausch engaged her in 1981 in her Wuppertaler Tanztheater. There she danced until 1989. After a breakaway period, she returned back to Pina's company in 2001 to work for the archive and as an assistant and a co-rehearsal director for some pieces of the repertory, particularly for the restaging of Kontakthof; with seniors, later with teenagers, too. Since May 2020 she works as a freelancer. She created the duo “Entretemps au Grenier” with her daughter, Sophia Otto. It was shown in Germany, Kreta, Spain, Japan …

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