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Circus Hotel - Hostel - Apartments

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Eden Studios Villas


SHARE The Dance Intensive can assist you with your accommodation in Berlin at Eden Villas (video). Right on the spot within the complex of Eden Studios, a selection of guest rooms with private and shared bathrooms can be booked upon availability. The guest rooms are not the same as the hotel rooms. Meals and other services, such as cleaning or room service, are not included. Internet access is available in the rooms, and the interior is simple but charming and clean. This room is entirely yours to use. This extra service can be requested by participants taking part in our programs.

Circus Hotel - Hostel - Apartments: Right in the heart of Berlin, this option is available with 5% discount by booking directly here below. Several options of single rooms to double rooms, dormitory and apartment can be booked according to your needs.


  • 45€ p/night for 1 person in a guest room with a shared bathroom

  • 55€ p/night for 1 person in a guest room with a private bathroom​

  • 70€ p/night for 2 persons in a guest room with a shared bathroom

  • 90€ p/night for 2 persons in a guest room with a private bathroom

  • 150€ p/night for 3 persons in a guest room with a private bathroom

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