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SHARE | Pro grants direct access to our program's tickets to professional dancers who have been coming to us on a regular basis over the years. It may be your turn soon. Check if you have a badge on your profile. SHARE | Pro members do not need to apply.


You can not buy a ticket for a friend or someone else but only for yourself!



To be a SHARE | Pro member you must be a professional and have taken part of a least:


1x SHARE Intensive Full Program 7 days - Group A ( without absences )

1x SHARE Intensive 5 days + 1x SHARE Workshop

1x SHARE Intensive 4 days + 2x SHARE Workshop

3x SHARE Workshop

1x SHARE One Work Study

If you think you are eligible, please write us an email.

SHARE | Pro Members is different from our SHARER's Loyalty program which is for everyone by signing up to our platform. Earn your first 5 points today!

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