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SHARE The Dance Intensive was brought to life in 2018 by its founder Kevin Quinaou, with the support of friends he danced with or met along his journey as a dancer, and most with the support of the choreographers he danced works from.

SHARE The Dance Intensive has since then, reached out to dozens of other leading international choreographers with the purpose of sharing their practice, methods, and repertoire works, through three programs. SHARE Intensive, SHARE Workshop, and SHARE One Work Study.


SHARE The Dance Intensive is a unique European platform that collaborates directly and officially with every choreographer invited.


The Team

Marika Gangemi Digital Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Giacomo Corvaia Film maker and Editore

Filmmaker | Video Editor

Claudia Greco photographer

Claudia Greco


Kevin Quinaou ceo

Founder / CEO


What Makes The Difference

SHARE The Dance Intensive is today's European choreographic workshops platform for research, studies and repertoire, dedicated to professional and pre-professional dancers eager to learn always more from the best and from what our fully-fledged art form has to offer. 


Our mission at SHARE The Dance Intensive is to provide a unique and intimate learning experience for professional and pre-professional dancers. Our programs are designed to offer personalized attention and individualized instruction in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Unlike traditional overcrowded dance studios or dance festivals, our programs limit the number of participants to ensure that each dancer receives the attention they need to fully develop their skills and reach their potential. Our faculty consists of experienced and highly skilled instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with the next generation of dancers.


Through our programs, dancers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in their craft, refine their technique, and expand their artistic horizons. We believe that dance is not just a physical activity, but an art form that requires discipline, creativity, and emotional expression. Our programs emphasize the importance of developing well-rounded dancers who are not only technically proficient, but also possess a deep understanding and appreciation of the art of dance.


At SHARE The Dance Intensive, we strive to create a community of dancers who support and inspire one another. We believe that dance has the power to bring people together and transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. Our programs encourage collaboration, creativity, and openness to new perspectives and experiences.


Our ultimate goal is to foster a love of dance and equip our participants with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers as professional dancers. We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience that will have a lasting impact on the lives of our participants.

SHARE The Dance Intensive's interview by Tanz Magazine. 2022

SHARE The Dance Intensive's founder and producer Kevin Quinaou, interviewed by Armando Braswell for Dance for You Magazine

Dance Workshops SHARE Intensives
Dance Workshops SHARE Intensives
Dance Workshops SHARE Intensives
Dance Workshops DANCE Intensives
Dance Workshops SHARE Intensives
Dance Workshops SHARE Intensives
Dance Workshops SHARE Intensives

Partners and Companies

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