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Maëva Berthelot

Hofesh Shechter

Maëva Berthelot is a choreographer, performer, rehearsal director, and teacher whose mode of working unfolds along the threshold between experimental, performative, and collaborative approaches.
After graduating in 2003 from the Paris Superior Conservatoire of Music and Dance, she has collaborated with artists and companies such as Emanuel Gat, Ohad Naharin, Rambert, Clod Ensemble and spent six years as a senior member with Hofesh Shechter Company, contributing creatively as an original cast member in numerous pieces and as a teacher.
Drawing from improvisational and somatic practices, her research is rooted in a movement practice which is an ongoing inquiry into the themes of consciousness, transformation, healing, death, and rebirth.
Her work intends to instill a dialogue between visible and invisible, drawing attention to the tension between conscious/unconscious, rehearsed/improvised, and on the play between material/immaterial realms.
She is constantly exploring ways to steer the body into trance, dreamlike and self-hypnotic states with an emphasis on the importance of preparation in order to access those states in which the body can be utilized as a sensitive, awakened, and connected vessel.

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