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Ana Van Tendeloo


Ana Van Tendeloo is a Belgian dancer/maker currently working with
Kor’sia (ES) in the production ‘Mont Ventoux’ and is a dancer with
Bern Ballet (CH).
She received her BA in Modern Theater Dance in 2019 at The
Amsterdam University of the Arts. Ana has been working with
various choreographers such as Marie Chouinard, Alain Platel,
Marina Mascarell, Felix Landerer, Bryan Arias, Kor’sia, Jo
Stromgren, Astrid Boons and performed works of Sharon Eyal,
Andonis Foniadakis and Caroline Finn.
As a maker, Ana created two works for Bern Ballett: ’Remember
Nature’ in 2021 and ‘Great Year’ in 2022 as part of the Next
Generation platform at the Tanzplattform bern. In 2020 Ana made
the film ‘Remember Nature’, which was officially selected for
‘Rollout Dance Film Festival’ in Macao as part of the Eco Culture
Category, The film was selected for the ‘Dare to Dance in Public
Film festival’ and was awarded ‘Best Dance Short’ by the ‘Vesuvius
International Film Festival’. Ana won the 2. Prize as a performer
and the audience award for the solo ‘ATLAS’ in collaboration with
Edoardo Deodati at the International Solo Tanz festival in Stuttgart
in June 2022.

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