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Anna Senognoeva

Eastman - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Anna (Anya) Senognoeva born in Russia, started her dance education at age of 16 years old. Graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (BE), she was developing her improvisational skills under impetus of Agostina d’Alessandro and hired for internship with Ultima Vez during her studies.

Anya has performed and worked internationally with different choreographers such as Iris Bouche, Gregory Maqoma for Companhia Instavel, Ricardo Ambrozio, Eastman / Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui .

While working as freelancer, Anya collaborates with musicians such as Sebastian Graams, Colour Collective, creating her own work for “Cello and a reader “, and an outdoor solo Sur le Chemin, at the Bentway, Toronto, focusing on her own artistic vision.

Developing her own research and curiosity for the movement, she teaches various workshops connecting acrobatic elements, improvisation and floor work.

Lately she has been performing “As I walk with beauty” by Yentl De Werdt and Nomad from Eastman.

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