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Jos Baker

Peeping Tom

Jos Baker is a choreographer dancer, actor, and teacher.
He started his dance training at the age of 7 with Oxford Youth Dance and then continued his formal education first at The Laban Center London and then at PARTS [Performing Arts Research and Training Studios] in Brussels.
From 2008 to 2014, Jos worked for Peeping Tom as a dancer, actor and collaborator, principally with the productions 32 Rue Vandenbranden [2009], and A Louer [2011]. Since then he worked briefly for DV8 Physical Theatre on the production of John [2014].
Jos’ choreographic work includes Contactless [2020] a creation made virtually with The Human Expression dance company in Singapore. Put Out the Flame [2019-20] and The Smallest Little Thing [2019] commissioned by The Hong Kong Arts Festival. His solo work includes Know it all [2019], Of no fixed abode [2017] Creature Man Don’Tell Me [2008]. We were youth [2016], Afla [2008], Feedback [2009], We were youth [2016]. Jos also directed and performed in Paris Fashion Week to promote Petit Bateau’s Cedric Charlier collection [2014] and has made numerous pieces with students in professional dance training. On film Jos made several music videos and short films, most recently as a dancer and choreographic assistant to Damien Jalet for Anima [2019], a Thom Yorke project directed by Paul Thomas Andersson. Other screen work includes; Forgot to live [2013] by Ay Wing, and Let it Roll [2016] by Mustard Gas and Roses directed by Koen Mortier, and Biegga savkala duoddariid duohken lea soames [2006] by Elle Sofe Henrikseni, and movement direction for Violet Hour [2020] by St Claire and directed by Tamsin Topolski. In addition to several commercials as both performer and movement director.
He also teaches internationally, offering a range of classes and workshops for professional dancers and dance students.

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