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Phil Hulford

Hofesh Shechter

I love God with everything I am. That’s number one. I was born in Bolivia, South America to British parents in 1985, lived there until I was 10 when mum, dad and us 5 kids moved back to London. I trained in gymnastics from age 4 to 13 competing at a national level, then my teens took me to the world of extreme sports and thrill-seeking as my main passions. All through my life I've danced for fun but when I turned 18 God led me to study professionally. So I auditioned to schools, got in, met a man called Hofesh Shechter and a woman called Helen Shute who I really owe my career to!
Since feb 2016 I am a freelance movement artist. I say movement artist because I am looking for challenge in physical theatre, acting, motion capture, parkour, fitness training, as well as dance! I'm ambitious, but with a head on my shoulders and a beautiful family holding it up!
I love movement done well, with heart and honesty.

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