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Sarah Reynolds

Jiří Kylián

Sarah was born and raised in Dublin Ireland, and discovered a passion for dance at an early age with Ella Doran and Phil Cole. She trained professionally at Central School of Ballet, London, graduating with a diploma in classical ballet in 2001. From there she worked in Metz, France before moving to Saarbrücken Germany where she worked with Marguerite Donlon. Then in 2004 she successfully auditioned for NDT 2. She moved up to the main company in 2007 only leaving in 2019. During her time with the company she danced the works of Jiri Kylian, Lightfoot Leon, Naharin, Ek, van Manen, Goecke, Pite as well as many other guest choreographers, dancing both in the creation of new works as well as repertoire.

She has also worked with film, performing in short film ‘Voices of Finance’ (2015) and feature-length ‘The Beast in the Jungle’ (2019) both directed by Clara van Gool. Sarah continues exploring her dance, acting, teaching and coaching primarily in the Netherlands where she is based. She recently graduated from Erasmus University, Rotterdam where she completed a Masters in cultural sociology (thesis topic – organizational network analysis of a dance company).

Throughout her career, Sarah has also contributed significantly to the management of dancers with her efforts as a dancer representative and a Dancers Council member. She was instrumental in the setting up and organization of this informal organization, that is supported by and influences the Dutch trade union for artists, Kunstenbond. She has participated in numerous collective labour negotiations, and continues to lobby for dancers’ interests and better evolving working conditions. This focus on the artists in the cultural sector means that she is uniquely positioned to have expertise in all areas of dance organizations, from employee experience, creative and artistic management and planning, with an extensive network of the most cutting-edge of choreographers and leaders in the field.

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