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TIPS FOR DANCERS - Decoding Dance Audition Notices.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Dance auditions can be thrilling yet nerve-wracking experiences. When you spot that notice for an upcoming audition, it's essential to go beyond the surface and read between the lines to understand what the organizers are really looking for. In this guide, we'll explore some key tips on deciphering dance audition notices to give you a competitive edge.

Understand the Dance Style: The first step in decoding an audition notice is to understand the dance style required. Different genres demand specific skills and techniques. Whether it's contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, jazz ro other, the language used in the notice can offer clues about the expected style.

Experience Levels: Carefully assess the experience level mentioned in the notice. Some auditions are open to all levels, while others may specify an intermediate or advanced skill set. If the notice encourages beginners, it could be an opportunity for those looking to break into the dance scene. Conversely, auditions calling for advanced dancers may signal a challenging routine that demands technical prowess.

Audition Format: Pay close attention to the format of the audition. Is it a solo performance, group routine, or both? If the notice emphasizes a group dynamic, it suggests the importance of teamwork and synchronization. Solo auditions may indicate a focus on individual skills and expressiveness. Be prepared for both scenarios and ensure your strengths align with the expected format. Also pay attention if text could be included.

Attire and Appearance Guidelines: The language used to describe attire and appearance can reveal a lot about the audition's atmosphere. If the notice mentions "neat and professional," the organizers may be looking for a polished and refined look. On the other hand, "casual and expressive" could suggest a more laid-back and creative setting. Align your attire with the specified guidelines to make a positive impression.

Special Skills or Qualities: Look for any mention of special skills or qualities required. Some auditions may seek dancers with acrobatic abilities, acting skills, or a specific body type. Pay attention to keywords like "versatile," "dramatic," or "athletic." Demonstrating these additional skills can set you apart from other candidates.

Preparation Tips: Read the notice for any tips or suggestions on how to prepare. Sometimes, organizers provide insights into what they are specifically looking for in a successful audition. Follow these guidelines to tailor your routine accordingly, showcasing your strengths while addressing the criteria outlined in the notice.

Hiring: least but not last. Make sure the choreographer or the company you are about to audition to, is 100% looking for dancer(s) to hire. Sometime an audition notice is only because of sudsities. The choreographer or the compnay needs to make an audition in order to receive governemental subsities.

Deciphering dance audition notices is an art that can significantly enhance your chances of success. By reading between the lines, understanding the dance style, experience level, audition format, attire guidelines, special skills, and preparation tips, you can tailor your approach to align with the expectations of the organizers. So, the next time you spot that audition notice, dive deeper into the details, and get ready to dance your way to success.



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