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Thank You!

Thank you for recently taking part in our program(s).

In order to get better, we need to hear your feedback on your global experience with us. We know it is annoying to respond to surveys, but it is our only way to find out what was good and bad during your time with us. And it is very helpful to get better by knowing what you think.


The entire survey is completely anonymous, and it should take about 2 minutes maximum to complete.


If you prefer not to respond to the survey, you can also simply leave us a review or rank stars on Google here.

Anonymous Survey
Which program have you been part of?
SHARE Intensive
SHARE Workshop
How satisfied were you with the program?
Not satisfied
Absolutely satisfied
How relevant and helpful do you think it was for your future professional development?
Nothing special
Absolutely helpful
Select a minimum of 3 points you were the most satisfied with.
How satisfied were you with the program(s) content?
Not satisfied
Absolutely satisfied
How was the level of the content course?
Too easy
Good for me
What I needed
Too challenging
By comparison to other dance programs, what would you say about SHARE's program you just took part?
It was not as good as the others.
Absolutely worth it.
The best so far.
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